The Romance of Dance is an exciting, high energy, historical show featuring a female vocalist Nancy Hays, dance champions and a live band. The Romance of Dance takes the audience on a entertaining journey through the eras of ballroom dance in America from the turn of the century through modern day “Dancing withe Stars”. Highlights include the Charleston, the Lindy Hop, the Big Band era,  the Golden Age of Hollywood, the Fabulous 50s and 60s, Disco, the Latin Craze and ballroom dance competitions of the 21st century.  Award winning dancers from California thrill the audience with their dazzling moves and elaborate costumes.  For a very reasonable price point, your audience members will be blown away with the entertainment value of this show and they will also come away learning a great deal about music and dance history!


  • Dancer Options and Demo

    The Romance of Dance History Show features award winning dancers some of which have been seen on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”. Nancy Hays Entertainment, Inc. will select the dancers of your choice to fit your location and budget. The Romance of Dance primary couple is based in southern CA, but we also have excellent dancers that can be secured in the Midwest, New York and Florida. Examples of additional couples can be viewed in the Dancer Demo. If budget permits, you may select more than one dance couple too!

  • Nancy and Mario Lopez

    Nancy Dances w/ Mario Lopez

    Nancy Hays and her ballroom dance products have been featured on national TV shows and publications including NBC, Fox, WGN, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Discovery Network, FIT TV, Body by Jake, Brides Magazine, Billboard Magazine, Variety, Library Journal and many others. Nancy’s products perfectly compliment The Romance of Dance History Show and can help generate extra revenue for your performing arts venue, corporate incentive program or silent auction event.

Nancy Hays, Ceasar’s Palace, Circus Maximus Showroom, Las Vegas